Online Testing Help

PrintTaking a vocational test soon? How about a college entrance exam or getting your GED? LearningExpress Library offers a wealth of ebooks, tutorials, practice tests, and videos on a wide variety of subjects for students at many levels. Different “centers” focus on elementary and middle school tutorials, high school equivalency tests, college prep tests, college student tutorials and grad school tests, adult learning, and career and vocational tests. For example, if you are studying to become a nurse, you can review the material on the professional exam and then take three practice tests where you get detailed answers and instant scores that show your strengths and weaknesses. Even adults who are not in school can improve their language and math skills through tutorials that include before and after tests.

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What is a Wrinkled Crown?

Wrinkled CrownIn Anne Nesbet’s the Wrinkled Crown, the world is half magical and half technological. Linny lives in the wrinkled hills where magic exists. Linny was born humming and singing.  Her parents feared for her safety, because the Voices will take away any girl, under twelve, who touches a lourka, the musical instrument the hill men play. To keep Linny safe, she has been tethered to her best friend, Sayra, since they were small. But Sayra lets Linny off the tether when they play in the forest.  Linny has actually make a lourka of her own and, yes, plays it on the eve of her twelfth birthday.  But the Voices take Sayra by mistake.  Linny’s mother is from the Plain and sends Linny on a quest to that flat land to save Sayra and maybe the world.  Add in an annoying lump of a boy and a half magical/half technologically enhanced cat and you have a page turning fantasy adventure.  I recommend for readers in grades four to seven.

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Car Repair Online

chiltonlibrary_lgWith the nicer weather, many people start thinking of road trips. If your car needs a little work, Spokane Public Library’s Chilton database is a good way to save money by helping you repair your own car. Just look up your car or truck by year, make, and model to find repair instructions, wiring diagrams, maintenance schedules, bulletins, and recall notices. There are thousands of automobiles and trucks going back for decades, including many classic vehicles. Images, photos, and step-by-step instructions are included for many models. As a bonus, if you are studying to become a Automotive Service Excellence technician, Chilton offers test prep quizzes.

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How to Quit Smoking

The Spokane Public Library can guide you to the many online resources to help you stop smoking. The Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) offers different options for you at their page Tobacco Cessation Program. To see the list of all Community Wellness courses and to register, go to

The Spokane County Regional Health District has a page of resources about how to give up smoking. Take a look at Ready to Quit for a description of their programs.


ready to quit


Reading Recommendations by Newsletter

NextReads Logo Looking for thoughtful reviews of the latest books and audiobooks? An easy way to get reading recommendations is to sign up for our NextReads Email Newsletters. Once every month or two you’ll get an email newsletter with descriptions of fiction or nonfiction books or audiobooks that are available through the library. There are a wide range of fiction genres – such as romance, historical fiction, or sci fi – and categories of nonfiction – history, business, or biography. There are newsletters for all ages of readers. You can even sign up for the New York Times bestseller lists to see what’s popular nationwide. Just click on the list name to see a sample of the latest one, and enter your name and email address to subscribe.

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Leaping Leprechauns – Are you lucky?

Fortune FallsMaybe I should ask – do you believe in luck? You hear stuff at school, right?  Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.  Find a lucky penny. Black cats are bad luck. Nobody really believes in those superstitions.  What if there was a town where luck really existed.  In Fortune Falls, when kids turn twelve they are tested and sorted into Luckys and Unluckys.  The Luckys go on to Flourish Academy while the Unluckys have to go to Bane School for their own safety.   Sadie knows she is going to be an Unlucky.  Her birthday is coming up and she has to come up with a way to change her luck.  But then her dog goes missing in a graveyard, she breaks a mirror, and there is a black cat following her! Can Sadie discover that you make your own luck and being smart is better than being lucky in time? I recommend Fortune Falls by Jenny Goebel to readers (lucky or not) in grades four to six.

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Overdrive and Apple products

OverdriveomcIconIf you are a regular user of our Overdrive ebook service, you’ve probably noticed the new site design and app update, which makes finding available copies easier. However, if you use Apple products (the iOS operating system), you may have had more problems using the service since the change. Overdrive is aware of the problems and has created a troubleshooting article in their Help section. Issues addressed include app crashes, inability to download checked out ebooks, and various error messages. Remember if you have any other problems, you can also search the Help section in Overdrive to see if there are any solutions recommended.

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A New World: Discovery and Exploration of America and its People

The Northwest Room has a new exhibit of rare books illustrating the discovery and exploration of the New World. Europeans began using the term, “New World,” coined by Amerigo Vespucci, in the early sixteenth century to refer to the Western Hemisphere. Imagine the allure this “unexplored” continent would hold for Europeans. Maps, drawings, accounts and later photographs, all held enormous appeal for those wanting to learn more of this unknown land and its people. Landscapes, plants, animals and people all appeared mysterious and exotic. First the explorers told of their adventures and later, developers wanting to encourage settlement promoted the new territory. The treasure trove of materials they left behind, some accurate and some imaginary, inform us about expectations for the new world, as well as about the world which they found. The exhibit includes rare editions of George Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio, John Muir’s Picturesque California and Thomas Loraine McKenney’s History of the Indian Tribes of North America. Please be sure to come into the Northwest Room to see all of these treasures.



If it seems to good to be true….

Need by CharbonneauI really enjoyed Need by Joelle Charbonneau. Everyone knows you don’t really get something for nothing, but when the teens at Nottawa High School discover the invitation-only social networking site, NEED, it seem like they have hit the jackpot.  Want a new cellphone, an A in Math, concert tickets – you got it.  Kaylee’s only need is a new kidney for her sick little brother.  She only accepted an invitation to Need because it was from her best (OK, only) friend, Nate.  Then the site starts asking the teens to pull a prank in order to get their wish.  And the pranks start having deadly consequences.  Can Kaylee and Nate figure out what is going on in time?  I recommend this fast paced, compelling mystery to teens in grades seven on up.

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Science Online

Science in Context
Science in Context

Spring often means science fairs for students. An excellent resource for experiment examples and background research on science and technology topics is our Science in Context database. Search “experiments” to find 72 to find specific ideas on topics such as magnetism, renewable energy, or rivers. There are step-by-step instructions and illustrations with troubleshooting tips and followup questions. If you already have a topic in mind, Science in Context will give you reliable background information such as encyclopedia, news, journal, and magazine articles, videos, and images. Just search for a keyword or browse the list of topics.


Home is where the heart is

WebsterDo you like dogs? Don’t miss Webster the Tale of an Outlaw by Ellen Emerson White.  After two mean abusing families and three cold shelters, the dog has given up on people.  He doesn’t need friends and he is not going to get too comfortable in this new shelter. Sure the food is good, the bed is soft and warm, and he isn’t chained up.  They even gave him a name, Webster, but he prefers Bad Hat.  Because he is big, bad and doesn’t need anyone.  Jack the terrier and Florence the bossy cat are nice, but Bad Hat still makes his escape.  But it doesn’t go the way he planned.  The other animals from the shelter keep showing up and they end up helping folks (and kittens, Ack) This is ruining Bad Hat’s cool, tough, bad image.  I recommend this delightful humorous and heartfelt book to readers in grades three to six and to dog lovers of all ages.

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