Streaming Media with hoopla

HooplablueDo you hate waiting? Get instant gratification with the library’s hoopla streaming media service. As long as you have an internet connection, you can borrow and instantly watch movies or television episodes, listen to music albums or audiobooks, or even read comics and ebooks online. Download the hoopla app to an iDevice, an Android device, or a Kindle Fire to download your media and use the service when NOT connected to the internet. Library card holders can borrow up to 10 titles a month. You’ll usually have three days to watch videos, one week to listen to an album, and 21 days to read a comic, ebook, or listen to an audiobook. Titles are always available, so there’s no need to be added to a waiting list. Just make sure you have the time to finish your titles since they will disappear from your account when their time expires.

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Book of Storms

Book of StormsFor an exciting, imaginative summer read try the Book of Storms by Ruth Hatfield.  Eleven year old Danny O’Neill is used to his parents jumping in the car, chasing storms and leaving him alone.  The morning after a storm so bad that lighting killed the sycamore tree in front of the house, Danny finds he is still alone.  His parents always come home, but not this time. Danny finds a stick in the destroyed tree.  When he picks it up the tree talks to him, warning him of Sammael and urging him to find the Book of Storms.  Could his parents be trapped in a storm and will the Book of Storms help him free them? I recommend this fantasy to readers in grade five and up.

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Girls with Swords

I am Princess XI really liked I am Princess X by Cherie Priest.  Best friends, Libby and May, created Princess X in fifth grade.  Libby drew the pictures and May wrote the stories.  A few years later, Libby and her mom drive off a bridge into Puget Sound and Libby’s body is never found.  May’s parents get divorced and she is shuttled between Seattle and Atlanta.  May, now sixteen, is spending the summer in Seattle and sees a sticker on a store window.  It is Princess X.  May is convinced that Libby is alive and is determined to find her. I love the way the story alternates with the graphic Princess X story. Even if you don’t usually read graphic lit, I predict you will like this book.  I recommend to readers in grades seven on up.

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Public workshop on the future of Riverside State Park

Washington State Parks and Recreation have planned a public workshop to discuss future projects at Riverside State Park. The meeting is scheduled at Lakeside Middle School on Thursday, June 25 from 6:30 to 8:30. For more details about the meeting and the history of the park see the news release here.


Statewide Earthquake readiness drill begins June 17


The Washington National Guard will be conducting a statewide earthquake readiness drill to begin on Wednesday, June 17. The exercises will involve federal, state, and local agencies from both Western and Eastern Washington. Evergreen Tremor is the name of the weeklong drills. See the details of the drill here.


Cypress Resume

June is summer job season for many people, but some, especially those with less work experience, could use some help creating resumes. To help out, the library subscribes to a service called Cypress Resume that will create a resume for you once you fill in your basic information. Just enter your name, contact information, education, work history, and type of job applying for. Cypress then suggests appropriate job statements that describe your skills and abilities. You can edit or modify the statements to better match your skills. Once your resume is complete, you can download as a pdf or text file, edit or view it online, or even “publish” it to Cypress’ website so that a potential employer can find your resume online. Save it to their website (after entering an email and password), and you can access it anywhere you have internet. Cover letters and reference sheets can also be created for you.

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Isaac Stevens’ Northern Pacific Railroad Survey, 1853-1854

SpokaneFalls001(2)In 1853, the United States Congress appointed the Army’s topographic bureau to conduct six surveys to find the best route for a transcontinental railroad. Isaac Stevens, governor of Washington Territory, led the northern survey along the 47th parallel between St. Paul, Minnesota and the Puget Sound. In addition to exploring and mapping the territories, the surveys studied the Indians, the animals and the natural features of each area. The Stevens expedition employed two artists to illustrate the report. Survey artists John Mix Stanley and Gustavus Sohon created lasting images of the Northwest. The exhibit features lithographs, two of the original volumes and one of the maps. It will be up through August in the Northwest Room.

Summer Reading Suggestions

novelist200Our summer reading programs start the beginning of June, and this year will include an adult program as well as for kids and teens. So where can you find good ideas for books to read? Some suggestions can be found on this very blog with reviews by Spokane Public Librarians. However, if you want even more good choices and reading lists, check out Novelist Plus (featuring fiction and nonfiction for adults) and Novelist K-8 Plus (for kids and teens). Novelist Plus lets you search for an author or title to find reviews and plot summaries. Once you find something you like, try the Title, Author, or Series Read-alikes links for similar titles. The Spotlight On section has lists of award-winners and audiobooks. You can get a list of all of the books in a series, select similar genres or subjects for more book ideas, or browse fiction or nonfiction categories. When you search our catalog, you’ll even see Novelist information when you click on a detailed title record.

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National Recall of Takata Air Bags

safercar_whiteCheck the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website and use the VIN search tool to confirm whether your individual vehicle is affected by this recall, or by searching by VIN on a specific vehicle-maker’s site.    Check back regularly as automakers confirm which vehicles are affected.     As manufacturers supply a complete list of affected vehicles, NHTSA will include updates on its recalls page.

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What’s Parkour?

TracersThe new book Tracers by J.J. Howard has “SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE” on bottom corner of the cover.  Maybe the author is just being wishful, but I think this book would translate into a pretty good movie.  Cam is a bike messenger in New York City.  A high school dropout, Cam owes big money to the Chinese Tong.  Money he borrowed, when his mom was dying of cancer, to try to save their house. He has no chance of ever repaying the money, when a girl falls out of the sky, lands on him and totals his bike.  This beautiful stranger is part of a group of teens who practice parkour in the city. Parkour, also called tracing, is a sport where you walk up walls, jump over obstacles (like park benches or parked cars) and jump from the roofs of buildings. The group, controlled by an older man named Miller, gives Cam the chance to make the money he needs.  But their activities border on the dangerous and illegal.  I recommend this fast paced adventure, with some romance thrown in, to new adults and older teens in grades ten on up.

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