This week’s inspiration comes from my couch. Okay, this isn’t exactly how my couch looks, but the shape is my couch! I decided to switch it up and try a different color and pattern for my couch.

Drawing furniture is a great way to practice perspective drawing and coloring shadows. One tip for perspective drawing is to make sure your horizontal lines are parallel to each other and the same with the vertical lines. You’ll notice in my drawing the horizontal lines that make up my couch cushions are parallel. The slanted lines that make up the top sides of the cushions are parallel to the slanted lines on the top of the arms. Don’t worry if your couch is a little wonky at first, it takes practice!

Start with your easiest shapes (mine was the bottom long rectangles of the couch) and work from there. Feel free to omit or add pillows and blankets. Imagine your couch as a different color or pattern. This week I used colored pencils, which I haven’t used in quite a while. Head over to YouTube to see me draw my couch and do a little coloring!