This week, I practiced drawing flowers and leaves with markers. I don’t have a lot of markers at home, just a pack of Crayolas and some old markers from the Martha Stewart craft line. I used a lightweight watercolor paper, but printer paper is fine. Use what you have! This would also work in any other medium too.

With this project I focused on using just a few colors to create a balanced composition. I went straight in with the markers, not bothering with drawing first in pencil. One thing I struggle with is letting go the idea of perfection and going straight in with markers really confronts those feelings. Nature isn’t perfect so why does my drawing need to be perfect? Flowers are not all the same nor perfect looking, neither are leaves.

When finished I thought this could be turned into an adorable card to send- so that’s what I did. Great for Mother’s Day coming up or as something to send to someone you haven’t seen in a while! Head over to our YouTube channel to watch how I drew my floral motif.

Watch the tutorial video here!