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Hi Everyone,

My name is Lisa and I work at the Northtown location. During this time, I have been drawing up a storm with all the virtual offerings. The car and camera pictures are from a 3D Class I took years ago. The lighthouse is from our Oregon trip. I don’t claim to be an expert, because I am still learning different techniques as well.

Since life is pretty still right now, consider grabbing an object or a set of objects to draw a Still Life. If you would like to take a walk, take your camera with you and take close up photos.

First take a look at the object and figure out the basic shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Oval, etc.

Second, if you would like to add dimension, choose a point of perspective. There are many videos about 3D drawing. Take time to add details.


Lisa’s Suggestions

Fun at Home with Pinot’s Palette

Mo Willem’s Lunch Doodles

Artsy Rose Academy


Lynda.com Drawing Tutorials

Drawing 2-Point Perspective

Drawing Foundations: Figure

The Monster Drawing Workshop

Drawing Foundations: Sketching the Landscape

Drawing Foundations: Fundamentals

Animation Foundations: Drawing Cartoon Characters