Join us for the next Lilac City Live! at Pig out in the Park on August 30. A “late night” talk show featuring local Spokane talent, this time at the Ribbon Stage — Music! Authors! Artists! Comedians! It’s guaranteed to be a fun time. And it’s a great opportunity to see some awesome Spokane talent for free.

August 30, 2018
Bring your favorite Pig Out treats and pig out at the show!
8 PM, late night talk show-style show hosted by Ryan Dean Tucker


Bill Burke

Burke is the organizer of Pig Out in the Park. For the past 39 years, he has overseen all the bands and vendors, and watched as the festival grew. It is now one of the largest food festivals in Spokane (if not the largest).

Atari Ferrari 

Musical guest Atari Ferrari features Matthew Hughes (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Robert Shugert (drums), Eric Woodard (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Scott Schultz (bass, vocals). (Source: Facebook &

Nathan Weinbender

Weinbender is The Inlander’s Film and Music Editor and is often a Film Critic for Spokane Public Radio.

Midnight Goats

Spokane-based The Midnight Goats are a musical-comedy duo. They’ve performed at major music festivals such as Seattle’s Bumbershoot and the Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater. (Source: Facebook)