The Library accepts donations of gently used materials. We will evaluate the material to see if it will be added to the collection.

Normal collection procedures apply to all donated materials that are added to the library. Not all donations are added to the library’s collection. If items are deemed inappropriate for the collection they will be passed on to the Friends of the Library who sell them in their book sales and book store.

Please remember that when we receive items that are not useful for the library or not saleable it is an expense to us to discard the items.


How to donate items

Any amount of boxes may be brought to any library location. Please mark the box “donations”. For donations to the Downtown branch, please bring them to the loading dock of the Library (Monday through Friday) and ring the bell by the loading dock door so someone can accept the items. If you need a receipt for your donation please ask at the time of your donation. Questions about what to do donate or not to donate can be directed to 444-5347.



Materials accepted

We accept and can use gently used, good fiction, biography, history, or other general topics. The Friends of the Library also accept commercially produced CDs, and DVDs.



Materials NOT accepted

NO damaged materials of any kind, NO textbooks, NO magazines, NO encyclopedias, NO condensed books, NO personally-recorded videos, CDs or DVDs, NO VHS, cassettes or eight-track tapes. Donations of these items cannot be added to the library’s collection and do not sell through the Friends; they end up costing the library money since we have to discard them at our expense.



Donating magazine subscriptions

The library does NOT accept gift magazine subscriptions without approval from the Support Services Manager. In order to be eligible for acceptance the magazine must meet specific requirements and be donated for a minimum of three years. If the library receives unapproved gift magazine subscriptions they will not be added to the library’s collection and will be discarded. Please contact us (444-5300) for more information.



Donating materials as a memorial

We will add materials to the Library collection as memorials. In this situation we prefer to add new materials that we purchase and we will place a bookplate acknowledging the donation. If you are interested in donating in this way please contact the Library Foundation to arrange (444-5318). You can also visit the Foundation’s website: