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Downloadable Music

About Freegal

  • Freegal is a downloadable music service made available through the Spokane Public Library. All you need is your library card number and four-digit PIN. Freegal provides access to over 7 million tracks, all in the mp3 format.  Spanning more than 100 genres of music and more than 23,000 record labels, Freegal allows the library to provide access to a wide range of music without requiring you to download software or deal with any digital rights management (DRM) issues.
  • There is now a free iPhone, iPad and Android app available for Freegal!  The links above will direct you to either to the iTunes store or Google Play to download the app.
  • Library customers can download 5 songs per week.  Your counter will reset every week at 9:00 pm on Sunday.
  • Your library card must be in good standing (account balance under $10.00).  This service is only for resident city card holders or for those who purchase a non-resident Spokane Public Library card.
  • Check out Freegal here or click the image below! 

Helpful tips

  • How do I download?  If you are using Freegal from home the best route to follow is when you are ready to download a song, click the "Download Now" link, select "Save" at the prompt, then designate where you want to save the song.  Downloads will count towards your weekly total even if you cancel.  Note: if you are downloading songs at the library, this process will vary a bit so just ask the reference staff for help.

  • Having trouble finding your artist/band?  Bands that begin with "The" will be located under the letter "T".  Artists who use their whole name will be located under the first letter of their first name, "Bob Dylan" is located under the letter "B".
  • Searching? The keyword search on the main page will look for any of your search terms in either the artist, album or individual song title fields.  If you want to narrow your search results, go to "Advanced Search."
  • My download was incomplete!  If you experience a problem with your download, Freegal allows you to download again without affecting your weekly download limit.  Just go to “Recent Downloads” in the upper right corner and re-try the download up to 2 additional times.
  • Where did my song go?  If users click "Open" instead of "Save file" during the downloading process then the song will simply play once in iTunes or Windows Media Player and not be saved on the computer anywhere. Make sure that you designate a specific folder or location on your computer to save the mp3 files, instead of clicking the "Open" option.
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