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Downloadable Magazines

Zinio online magazine service lets you download some of the most popular current magazines to your computer or mobile device. There are no limits or expiration dates for checked out magazines.

How do I get started? Access the library's magazine collection from the library's Subscription Databases page or from You can also watch this step-by-step video for instructions. PLEASE NOTE: Library members must create a free account for both the library's magazine collection page (RB Digital) and for Use the same email address for both services.

Am I registering twice for the same thing? You are registering on the library's magazine collection site to verify you are a library member, and you are registering for Zinio to view the magazines, whether they are from the library or from your own Zinio purchases.

How do I use the library's Zinio service? Go to to see our collection of magazines. Once you choose a magazine to read, click on the cover to "check out" the issue. You can then create a new RB Digital account. The Zinio commercial website will open (possibly in another window or tab). Create a commercial Zinio account using the same email you used before, or log into your previous account. Your magazine selection will then be available to view. 

Zinio Apps

There are many Zinio apps for a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire/Fire HD, Windows 8, and Blackberry Playbook. With the app you can download and read Zinio magazines at your convenience. To add titles to your app, point your browser to, log into your account, and click on a title to add it to your reading list. Sync your app to add the new title.

I already have a Zinio account. Can I use the same account to access the library's magazine collection? Yes! However, make sure that you use the same email address and password when registering for access to the library's magazine collection that you use with your Zinio account.

How do I add additional magazines from the library's magazine collection to my Zinio account? You will need to log into the library's magazine collection page with your email and password. Select a magazine by clicking on it. If Zinio is not already open on a separate browser tab, a new tab will open automatically with your Zinio library. To add more magazines, toggle back to the library's magazine collection tab and select another title. 

How will I know when a new magazine issue is available? You will not receive a notification that a new issue is available for check out in the library's collection – so please refer to the library's collection often. You need to go back to the library's collection to add the next issue to your account. 

Can I print from Zinio? Printing depends on whether or not the publisher of the magazine allows for the option and is best done from the web browser reader. 

Who can I contact for assistance? We can assist you with most questions, including setting up your account, browsing and selecting magazines, and reading magazines. Contact us at the Ask the Librarian page or call 444-5336. If you are experiencing technical problems with the library's magazine collection page, contact RB Digital from that page. If you are experiencing problems with your Zinio account, refer to the Zinio help page.

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