Coworking and collaborative space at the Downtown Library

Coworking Space

This space features large, custom-made community tables equipped with power and USB plugs along with a laptop bar to provide individuals and groups with a comfortable place to work, collaborate, and learn. iMac computers loaded with design software are available for use as well as access to a high quality color printer.

Hi-Tech Classroom

With an interactive whiteboard, and state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment, this room offers great flexibility. Users are able to record presentations for future use.

Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal provides Spokane residents access to real-time financial news, analytics, communications, charts, liquidity and functionalities that you need to put financial and market research knowledge into action. Spokane Public Library is the second public library in the country to offer this service.

Collaborative Room

Equipped with a flat screen monitor, this room allows users to connect their computers and devices while sharing their screens with a small group. This space can be utilized for everything from a private study area to interactive small group projects, presentations, and meeting spaces.

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The Foundation supports splf-logo2015the strategic directions of the library and helps to build and encourage partnerships that strengthen our community.

As the Foundation grows, it continues to be a resource to innovate and expand library’s services.