Join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month for the award-winning “late-night” talk show featuring local Spokane talent at the Downtown Library — Drinks! Music! Authors! Artists! Comedians! It’s guaranteed to be a fun time.

Lilac City Live won a national 2018 Top Innovator Award for Innovation from the Urban Library Council and is hosted by local personality Ryan Dean Tucker. Admission is FREE and there is a cash bar serving local beer and wine benefiting Spokane Public Library Foundation.

Next Show: February 21

  • Chef Jeremy Hansen
  • Heat Speak
  • Linda Beedle
  • Mara Baldwin and Sean Stoudt

Doors open at 7, show starts at 8.

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Past Guests Include
January 2019: Mandy Manning, Daniel Walters, The Emilys, Phillip Kopczynski


December 2018: Chris Crutcher, Windoe, Nick Spanjer, Lou Moon
November 2018: Samuel Ligon, Nat Park and the Tunnels of Love, Mary Anne Gebhart, Mara Baldwin
October 2018: Mary Ann Wilson of Sit and Be Fit, Jenny Anne Mannan, Tony Russell
September 2018: Ginger Ewing + Luke Baumgarten (founders of Terrain), Lavoy, Power 2 the Poetry, Hannah Tilley
August 2018: Pig Out in the Park’s Bill Burke, Atari Ferrari, Nathan Weinbender, Midnight Goats
June 2018: Mayor David Condon, Water Monster, Claire Fieberg, Harry J. Riley
May 2018: Volume Telethon Spectacular, Skellee Blakemore, Soul Man Black, Balonely
April 2018: Jess Walter, Silver Treason, Darrien Mack, Mika Lahman
March 2018: Kris Crocker, Summer in Siberia, Jessie Hynes, Austin Langley
February 2018: Kris Dinnison, Folkinception, Alayna Becker, Nick Lewis
January 2018: Shawn Vestal, Newman, Shelby Anne Allison, Casey Strain
December 2017: Sharma Shields, Marshall McLean, Ryan McComb, Amber Hoit