Spokane Public Library Strengthens Our Community!

“Libraries matter more than ever”. Journalist Jim Kershner said it in a June 2010 Spokesman-Review article, and he’s right. The research points to it over and over, and every day we see crowds taking advantage of services the library offers.

Libraries in Washington State are required by law to submit an annual report each year.  To review the last few annual report please use the links below. All annual reports are filed in the Northwest Room of the Downtown Library and may be viewed any time the Northwest Room is open.

2013 Report to the Community with 2012 Year-end Statistics - not available yet

2012 Report to the Community with 2011 Year-end Statistics  - click here 

2011 Report to the Community with 2010 Year-end Statistics - click here

2010 Report to the Community with 2009 Year-end Statistics  - click here