Suspending or Canceling Holds
Did you know that many people don't pick up their held items? There are many reasons for this but it ends up costing the library money reprocessing items to get them back on the shelves or to the next person in line for the item. With the amount of time spent processing holds that aren't picked up it's equal to nearly $64,000 a year!You can Suspend your holds while you're on vacation (or if you have too many books to read) How to suspend a holdA. Log into your account using your library card number and PIN.  B. Select Holds (#1 in image). C. Select the item you want to suspend (#2).  D. Click the Change Status button (#3) and note that the status changes from “active” to “suspended” (#4).
The default amount of time that your hold remains suspended is six months, but you can specify an exact date for the suspension to expire if you’re just going to be away a short time.  You’ll continue moving forward in line while your hold is suspended and if you get to #1 we’ll save your spot until you revert to active status.  Give us a call (444-5333) or stop by with any questions.

How to cancel a hold