Services: Public Internet Computer F.A.Q.

Who may use the internet?
What if I don't have a card?
How do I make appointments?
What do I do when I arrive?

What if I have no appointment?
Can I get help?
How do I print or save information?

Who may use Spokane Public Library’s internet computers?

The full-service internet terminals at all branches of Spokane Public Library are reserved for valid library card holders. Individuals are limited to 90 minutes' use per day and may not use a library card other than their own. Individuals must also follow the library’s Rules of Conduct while using the internet computers. All computers provide filtered access to the internet. See the Library's Internet Policy for more information.  



What if I don’t have a Spokane Public Library card?

There are several options for non-card holders.  If you live within Spokane County, you should be eligible for a free card.  If you live outside the county, you can purchase a card for $3.50 a month, $10.50 a quarter, or $42 a year.  With a purchased card you can use our full-service internet computers, check out library materials, and access our our online Resources from outside the library.  This is a good option if you are planning to be in Spokane for a while.

See this page for how to apply for a library card.

If you are new in town and have a valid ID, but no documentation confirming an address, you can get an unverified, Internet Only card.


Travelers or visitors to the area may obtain an hour-long day pass for up to six times.  Just show your ID at the Reference and Information Desk at any branch to get a pass. If you need to use this service more than six times, please be prepared to purchase a card (see above).

In addition, the East Side, Hillyard, and Indian Trail branches have Express computers, which allow 15 minutes of internet time on a first-come, first-served basis.  A Spokane Public Library card is not required to use an Express computer.


How do I make an appointment for a full-service internet computer?

The library has a self-service internet reservation system in place. You will need to know your library card number.  Library cards must be valid - no overdues, fines under $10, and not expired.


If you do not use your full time during your reservation, you can sign in again until your 90 minutes is used up.  You can book appointments up to a week in advance.


Your appointment will be held for 5 minutes; if you do not sign in within this time period, your computer will be considered free, and walk-in customers will be allowed to use it.  If you need to make new reservations for the same day, reference staff must delete your earlier missed appointments.


Currently, internet reservations cannot be made by telephone.  You can make appointments through our Internet Reservation Page, however.  If you forget when your appointment is, log back into the reservation system, and your computer number and time will be indicated.


What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Just go to the computer labeled with the same number you reserved.  If someone else is using the computer, the reservation software will automatically log off the current user when their time is up. You should then be able to log on with your library card and four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).  Stop by a Reference Desk or Circulation Desk at any library to have a PIN entered or confirmed; you will need to show picture identification. See reference staff if you have any questions or problems logging on for your appointment.


Headphones are available for use on the internet computers.


If you finish your session early, be sure to click on the End Session button to allow other customers to use that computer. 


What if I have no appointment?

Express computers are 30-minute internet computers that cannot be reserved.  You should be able to walk up to any of these computers if they are open and log in.

If all of the internet computers are in use, you can make an appointment for the next available time slot using the library catalog computers.  If you see an empty internet computer, you can go directly to it and try to log on.  If there is an upcoming appointment on that computer, the reservation software will indicate this.  You must wait until the grace period expires on the other reservation before you can use that computer.  Please do not sit at a computer reserved for someone else until their time expires.


Can I get help using the internet?

Reference staff can spend only a limited amount of time getting you started using the internet.  See the library’s Internet Resources for more information.  If you are new to using or searching the internet, we recommend that you attend one of our free Computer Classes.  If you have a question about searching or have a problem, reference staff will try to help you as time and training allows.  However, please be aware that staff are not trained to troubleshoot all forms of internet communication or applications.


How do I print or save information I retrieve from the library’s internet computers?

Spokane Public Library charges 10 cents per page for printing from the library’s internet computers.  The library currently offers only black and white printing.


The library’s internet computers let you save certain types of files to a USB storage device. The library does not provide USB devices for customer use, so please bring your own.  Please be aware of the size and format limits of your storage devices.


Downloading files carries the risk of virus contamination.  The library does not offer virus checking for files that you download to your USB device; you should scan those files for viruses before you load them onto a personal computer.


Please be aware of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, USC) when making reproductions of copyrighted materials from the internet.


You will not be allowed to permanently save files or favorite sites on the internet computer's hard drive.  You will also not be allowed to change the options on the library’s browser software.  These measures are to protect your privacy and the integrity of our internet terminals.  Remember that Spokane Public Library’s internet computers are an important public information source; everyone deserves a properly functioning computer.