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Services: Meeting Room Requests

This form is for a preliminary request for a meeting room.  Applicants must fill out the official Meeting Room Request Form, sign and date it, and return it to the branch where you would like to hold the meeting.  Please read our Meeting Room Use Policy and Administration of Meeting Room Use Policy before submitting. (I will create an Adobe version of meeting room app that can be filled out online and printed.)  Please check our Meeting Rooms page for room capacities and equipment.

(Form info:)

Group name: (box)

Group mailing address: (box)

Your name: (box)

Your contact information:

Email/Phone/Fax/Address (boxes)

Nature or purpose of group:  (box)

Planned activities/purpose of meeting: (box)

Meeting date requested: (box) (Is there a time limit? how far out?)

Alternate date: (box)

Time of meeting: (Rooms are only available during library open hours.  Please allow for setup time.) (two boxes)

____ to ____

Number expected to attend: (box)

Equipment needed:  (Radio buttons)
Microphone (Downtown 1A only)
Transparency projector
Slide projector
VCR/DVD player
Computer projector (Downtown 1A; other rooms if projector available)

Library branch for meeting:

(Radio buttons – choice will make email go to correct person?)

- 1A - 1B - Computer Lab - Board Room at Downtown (button for each room)



Indian Trail


South Hill

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Need to set up emails for each branch, checked by appropriate staff., esmeetings@, shmeetings, someetings, itmeetings, hymeetings