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Inland Northwest Nonprofit Conference

For all you out there in the trenches of the Spokane region nonprofit world, be sure to consider attending the following local conference: Although there are a multitude of reasons to attend, let’s just cut straight to the heart of the matter here: I’m one of the presenters and will be showcasing the resources available at the Spokane Public Library that hold great value for our local nonprofits. I’ll make it worth your time, I promise.

Details below:

The 4th annual Inland Northwest Nonprofit Conference strengthens the nonprofit sector in Eastern Washington by bringing together organizations and individuals working toward the greater good to learn, connect, inspire, and be inspired.

This year’s theme is Flow: Carving Pathways for Greater Good. During this one-day event, organizational leaders, staff, board members, and community partners will come together to grow in our capacity to improve the vitality of the Inland Northwest region. The day’s theme will focus our energy and power so we can effectively navigate the rapids and enjoy the ride to calmer waters.

When: Thursday, October 23, 2014 (Doors open at 7:00 am)
Where: The Lincoln Center, 1316 N. Lincoln Street, Spokane, WA 99201

~ Mark, Your Local Business Guide
Posted Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:56:51

We live in the Information Age.  Let's start acting like it.


The library connects the Spokane business community with the same resources that would otherwise be within the reach of only wealthy individuals or large corporations.  Let's use that power to our collective advantage. 


Of the range of business questions the library receives, the queries tend to fall into the following broad categories:

All of the above business resources -- and more -- can also be found on


To connect with Mark Pond, our Business Reference Librarian, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on Twitter.

If you don’t find what you were hoping to find on these pages either call the Downtown Library Reference Desk at 444-5336 or email the library staff.  Alternately, if you do find the information you were looking for, we'd like to hear about that as well.

Best wishes to you and the Spokane business community!