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How to form a corporation, LLC or partnership in Washington.

Courts and Lawyers

Citizen's guide to Washington courts, various editions. Call Number: 347.797 CITIZEN.  Also available on the Internet.

Washington court directory.  At the Downtown Library. Call Number: R 347.797 WASHING.

Washington court rules.  In Reference at the Downtown Library. Call Number: R347.797 WASHING.  Also available on the Internet from the Washington State Court Rules Page.

Divorce and Family Law

Family law in Washington state: your rights and responsibilities.

Divorce guide for Washington, by Mark Patterson. Call Number: 346.7970166 PATTERS.

Grandparents raising grandchildren: a legal guide for Washington State. Call Number346.797 GRANDPA.

Filing your own parentage action in Washington, by Caroline Davis. Call Number: 346.797 DAVIS.


Employee/employer rights: the complete guide for the Washington work force. Call Number: 344.797 PHILLAB. 

Employment in Washington: a guide to employment laws, regulations, and practices, by Michael Killeen. In Reference at the Downtown Library. Call Number: R 344.7970134 KILLEEN.

Government and Politics

Washington state government and politics.

Pictorial directory of registered lobbyists [in Washington State].

Government and politics in the Evergreen state. Call Number: 320.9797 GOVERNM.

Sinedie: a guide to the Washington state legislative process, by Edward Seeberger. Call Number: 328.797 SEEBERG.

Washington state yearbook. Directory of our state’s government.  Call Number: R320.4025 WASHING.


Landlord/tenant rights in Washington, by Sidney Strong. Call Number: 346.797 STRONG.

Tenants' rights: a guide for Washington state, by Barbara Isenhour. Call Number:346.7970434 ISENHOU.

Probate and Wills

Wills for Washington.

Probate guide for Washington, by Phillip Thom. Call Number: Oversize 346.797 THOM.

Real Estate

Washington real estate fundamentals, by Kathryn Haupt. Call Number: 333.3309 HAUPT.