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I couldn’t put down the Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Cassie’s mother, a fake psychic, was murdered when Cassie was twelve.  Now seventeen, Cassie is really good at reading people.  The FBI recruit her to be trained as a profiler.  The other kids in the Naturals program are equally gifted.  Michael can read emotions, Dean is another profiler.  And there is Sloan, the resident genius and computer whiz and Lia, a liar and deceiver.  Interesting enough, but then a serial killer starts a cat and mouse game with the FBI and seems to know about all the kids in the program.  I like a good mystery and I thought I had this figured out about half way through.  I was wrong.  If you like CSI or Criminal Minds, you will enjoy this book.  I recommend for teen in grades nine on up.

~ Susanne, South Hill YS Librarian
Posted Thu, 17 Jul 2014 19:57:20