Teen Space


Danger Girl

I just finished a really good book with a kind of boring title, Dangerous by Shannon Hale. Teen Maisie Danger Brown was born with only one hand.  She lives a secluded life, homeschooled by her Ecuadorian mom and ever joking dad. Her best (only) friend is Luther the boy down the street.  Maisie is selected for a spot at astronaut camp run by super scientist Bonnie Howell.  Howell Aeronautics built the space elevator to the new asteroid in orbit around the earth. Maisie and her team, along with rich handsome bad boy Wilder, get a chance to go up the elevator as far as the space station. Then by accident (or nefarious plot) some alien artifacts enter each of the teens. This action packed sci fi adventure, with a bit of romance thrown in, is a great read for teens grades seven on up.

~ Susanne, South Hill YS Librarian
Posted Tue, 16 Sep 2014 21:50:55