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We all need Clarity and Perception

ClarityI really enjoyed Kim Harrington’s book Dead and Buried, so I picked up her first novel, Clarity.  Psychic Clare Fern lives in a small Cape Cod tourist town.  Her mother is a telepath and her brother Perry is a medium. The family earn their living giving readings to the tourists. Super cool, right?  What teenage girl wouldn’t want to be a psychic?  Well, Clare has been bullied and called a freak by the kids in school for years.  The bullying eased up a little while she was dating Justin, the mayor’s son. But then they broke up. Clare meets Gabriel, the new police detective’s son and there are a few sparks.  Then a teenage girl is found murdered in a hotel and Perry is a suspect.  Clare must work with Justin and Gabriel to solve the murder. I recommend this slightly supernatural thriller and its sequel, Perception, to mystery lovers in grades ten on up.

~ Susanne, South Hill YS Librarian
Posted Tue, 21 Apr 2015 19:42:06