Play Dungeons & Dragons

Did you know the library has a Dungeons and Dragons club just for teens? If you don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons is a fun, tabletop, role-playing game. Right now we meet every other Thursday at Shadle Park Library at 4pm. Explore the Forgotten Realms and beyond with other teens. All skill levels are welcome. Come at 3:30pm if you have any questions before the game. Please make your DnD character before the campaign starts! Learn how to make your own character here.

In our current campaign, The Dragon of Icespire Peak, our group of adventurers have arrived in the small frontier town of Phandelin. Upon their arrival, they hear that a dangerous white dragon named Cryovain has moved into the area. The townspeople are scared; rumor has it the surrounding area has become much more dangerous. The threat of orcs, half-orcs, and other menaces seem to be around every corner! 

To connect with other teens in the area, join our Teen Discord server. You can do so by filling out a server application. And, please sign up for a free DnDBeyond account. This account makes character creation easy. We hope you join us soon!

Don’t forget! We also have Dungeons and Dragons manuals and handbooks available for checkout if you want to start your own game:

-Gina, Teen Librarian