Around the World in a Bowl of Soup | Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

A simple but satisfying, sweet and sour savory soup from India, with all kinds of flavors and influence from the Indo-China region. The finishing touch of Thai pepper packs a real punch!

Serves: 4 | Prep time: 10mins | Total time 30mins


  • 2 large Chicken breasts, cut in very small pieces
  • 1 can of Sweet Corn (kernels) + 1 small can of cream style corn (Optional)
  • 5-6 cups (32 oz) Chicken Stock/broth (good quality is key)
  • 1 small Onion, diced finely
  • 3 cloves Garlic, minced (about 1 tbsp)
  • 2 thin slices of fresh Ginger, minced (1 tbsp)
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 2-3 tbsp sugar
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • 1/2 tsp ground white/black pepper
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 2 tsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp Sesame oil
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 3 green onions, finely sliced (1/4 cup)
  • 2 tbsp corn starch + 2 tbsp cold water
  • Thai chili peppers/Serrano peppers finely sliced and soaked in white vinegar (for an optional topping)


  • Heat 1-2 tbsp oil in a pot and sauté the finely diced onions on medium heat for a few minutes until

they turn soft and translucent.

  • Then add the finely minced garlic and fresh ginger and add it to the pot, stir to mix everything.
  • Once aromatic (after a minute or so), add the finely chopped chicken breast and

sauté for another 2 minutes.

  • Pour in the chicken stock, bring it to a gentle boil and then turn down to simmer for about 5 minutes (or until chicken is cooked through)
  • Add the sweet corn kernels and the creamed corn, stir
  • Add some sugar (2 tablespoons, depending on how sweet the corn was), salt (according to

taste), pepper, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Stir the soup well. Simmer for another 5

minutes to let all the flavors blend.

  • Whisk 2 eggs in a separate small bowl.
  • Now start stirring the soup with one hand to create a little whirlpool and pour the egg in a steady

stream into the swirling soup, thereby creating little ribbons of egg in the soup. It may not look

pretty, but it tastes delicious and adds nutritional value to the soup.

  • Give the soup a taste and adjust the seasonings according to your taste. If you’d like it a little sweeter, add a dash more sugar. If you’d like it a little tangier, add more vinegar or more salt.
  • Add some finely sliced green onion to the soup (reserving a little of the green part for a garnish).
  • To thicken the soup, dissolve 2 tablespoons of corn starch in a little water and add it to the boiling

soup while stirring.

  • Let the soup thicken to your desired consistency and then turn the heat off.
  • Garnish with more fresh green onion slices & optional peppers. Serve hot.

Cook along with Noreen from Inland Curry in the video below!