Explore College Majors & Careers

If you’re considering the college track, are you unsure about what you want to study? Let the Library help you navigate this process with eParachute! eParachute is part of our Brainfuse HelpNow Tutoring subscription.

To start using Brainfuse, log in with your library card number and click on the eParachute option under the “Study” column. To use eParachute, you will need to create an account. On the login page click “Sign Up” or log in if you already have an account. 

Once you log in, you can Discover what is important to you. eParachute will ask your preferences about work, people, fields, and skills. It is really easy and fun! Once you finish, you will get to Explore career fields or majors that you might like based on the preferences you chose. 

Now, all of this information is saved to your profile. If you look at the suggested majors section, there is a list of majors that might interest you, and it even suggests programs within that major that you might like.

When looking at the career ideas section, you can see all the options that eParachue has chosen for you, and when you click on each suggestion it gives you all kinds of information about it. You can learn about the salary range, what level of education is needed, what college majors or instructional programs might be needed, and more. 

At any point, you can change your answers or redo the survey. You can also favorite any of the suggestions given to you. eParachute is a great way to start figuring out what direction you want to go next. It is perfect for students curious about their futures, high school graduates trying to decide what the next step forward is, or anyone looking to pursue a new career path.