Get Your STA Summer Pass!

Students through grade 12 can get a FREE STA Summer Pass at our Shadle Park, Liberty Park, Hillyard, and STA Plaza locations! This means anyone between the ages of 6 and 18 can ride the bus anywhere in the area for FREE from June 15 to September 30. With your Summer Pass, you can also get discounts to MAC, Mobius, and the Numerica Skate Ribbon.

How can I get an STA Summer Pass for myself or my child?

Students in grades 9-12 need to bring a form of ID (like a student ID) to the Library to get a Summer Pass. A student is required to be present when receiving the Summer Pass. This means a guardian cannot pick one up without their student present.

If I just graduated high school, can I still get a Summer Pass?

Yes! Students who recently graduated may receive a Summer Pass through the summer after their senior year.

How long can I ride the bus with my STA Summer Pass for?

This program starts June 15 and ends September 30! The back of your Summer Pass may say September 15, but it actually stops working September 30.

What if I lose my STA Summer Pass?

Stop by the Library and we will set you up with another one!

Do I need a library card to get an STA Summer Pass?

You do not need a library card to get a free STA Summer Pass.

How many rides do I get with my Summer Pass?

With your STA Summer Pass, you have unlimited bus rides for free all summer long!