Tips & Tricks for Event Planning @ the Library

Reserve library meeting rooms for birthday parties, lectures, weddings, board meetings, and so much more. If you’re looking to plan and host an event at the library, here are a few things to consider so you can make the most of your event!

  • Timing
    • When reserving any Library meeting room free of charge during business hours, keep in mind that the room is yours from the minute your reservation begins to the minute your reservation ends. If you are in need of additional time for set up and clean up, add that time before and after your preferred start and end time when booking the room.
  • Food and Beverage
    • You are welcome to bring food and beverage into library meeting spaces! Please enjoy, but remember these spaces are shared, so clean up for those using the room after you. Pro tip: Make sure if you use a caterer that they are full service! They will need to drop off/pick up items, provide plates and utensils, and clean up after their meal service.
  • Capacity of the Room
    • Keep in mind that not only will the physical bodies of your guests be present, but tables and chairs, decorations, and booths or tables for food presentation reduce the size of the space. Try to plan accordingly and take these factors into account.
  • Booking Past 60 Days
    • If you are planning an event or series of events, need to fly in a presenter, or are looking for events that require advanced planning, please contact the special events coordinator for special arrangements.
  • Alcohol Service
    • Would you like the opportunity to serve alcohol to your guests? Check out our special after-hours event options! You cannot imbibe during business hours, but special events outside of library hours can provide alcohol service to guests with the required licensing.
  • Proper Licensing
    • Speaking of licensing, plan ahead! Depending on the organization and event, there is a specific number of days in advance a liquor license must be obtained. Make sure you are allowing yourself enough time to obtain this license. Contact the special events coordinator for help with more specific details!