Celebrate Pride Month 2023

Support and celebrate Spokane’s local LGTBQIA2S+ community throughout Pride Month this June! Add to your Pride celebrations with some of these resources and events from Spokane Public Library. Supporting your local LGTBQIA2S+ community doesn’t just end with Pride Month. Continue advocating for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones all year long.


Prepping for Pride with Spectrum Center | June 7, 4pm-7pm, The Hive, Studio E

Piecing it Together: An Artist Talk with Julie Smetana | June 20 @ 5:30pm, Central Library, First Floor

Virtual Book Club: Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert | June 28 @ 12pm, Register to Attend

Riverside Chats: An Evening with Denise Neujahr | June 28 @ 7:30pm, Central Library, nxʷyxʷyetkʷ Hall


Booklist for Adults

Booklist for Kids and Teens

Movies with Kanopy

For #PrideMonth, Kanopy has identified films that inspire, empower, and recognize the leaps and bounds the LGBTQ+ community had made in our society throughout the years. View the collection here.

Elena Undone

When fate brings Peyton, an out lesbian writer into the life of Elena, a straight woman and wife of a pastor, friendship transforms swiftly from a crush into a torrid extramarital affair.

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KELET radiates like a star who was born to walk the runway. She is a young Somali trans woman who dreams of becoming a Vogue model. Leaving her family in Manchester to return to her childhood home in Finland, she draws on the support of her friends in the Vogue community to immerse herself in Helsinki’s glamour.

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Sorry Angel

Paris, 1993. Jacques is a semi-renowned writer and single father in his thirties trying to maintain his sense of romance and humor in spite of the turmoil in his life and the world. While on a work trip to Brittany, he meets Arthur, an aspiring filmmaker in his early twenties, who is experiencing a sexual awakening and eager to get out of his parochial life. SORRY ANGEL balances hope for the future with agony over the past in an unforgettable drama about finding the courage to love in the moment.

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The Year We Though About Love: Behind the Scenes of Queer Youth Theater

What happens when LGBTQ youth decide to create a play about queer love to tour to area high schools? The Hollywood Reporter writes that the play “shocks, entertains, and awes!” Our award-winning film reveals how the “powers of art elicit the most interactive, educational, funny, vibrant, experiential illustrations of real life for queers, and queers growing up.” ( The theater troupe explores love – familial, romantic, and spiritual – with wit, candor, and a bit of attitude.

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