Calling Local Musicians! Submit Your Music to Lilac City Records

Submit your original music to our local streaming platform, Lilac City Records, and get $200 if your music is selected!

We believe in empowering local musicians by providing a platform where they can share their creativity with the community. Lilac City Records is more than just a streaming service; it’s a celebration of the diverse musical talent in our region!

Submitting your music is totally free, and you get to keep your copyright. Yep, your musical masterpiece remains all yours. With a non-exclusive license agreement, you can still explore other opportunities while getting your tracks out to a new audience.

We have the capacity to accept up to 43 new EPs or albums this year! Imagine your music being part of the vibrant and diverse tapestry that represents Spokane’s unique sound.

Our curators who review submitted music include some impressive names like Rajah Bose, Rosie Cerquone, Zana Morrow, Jay Condiotti, and Carey Eyer. Alongside them are Spokane Public Library’s own Jason Johnson and Andy Rumsey.

Lilac City Records isn’t just for the musicians, though. It’s a treat for all music lovers. Everyone in the community can stream the local tunes, and Spokane Public Library cardholders get the exclusive perk of downloading their favorites.

Ready to share your sound with the world? Head over to Lilac City Records to get all the details and submit your music.