Amber Hoit is a 27 year old artist born in Renton, Washington, raised in both Seattle and Spokane. Art became an outlet for her in times of hardship and has continued to be an outlet since the age of 12. She started out drawing ideas of clothes and fashion designs then graduated to painting. She dabbled in many techniques and methods. She says she has an undesignated style but if she had to define it, it’s a mixture of abstract, modern, pop art, expressionism, impressionism, surrealism, realism, and any other “ism”.

She is self-taught with no formal training. The mediums of choice range from oils, pastels, ink, spray paint, recycled materials and acrylics. Acrylics being her main medium as oil paint holds its place for portraits and other more intricate styles. Amber’s inspirations range from Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, all the way to Jamie Hewlett, and Shepard Fairey, but she finds most inspiration from music and 90s pop culture. The featured collection is in dedication to Black History Month. Within the pieces, she has decided to paint portraits of some of the people who have been huge inspirations and have had major impacts in her life, and many other people’s lives, with their bravery and passion. This collection also features some self-portraits with a style of her own; they express how it is for her to be a mixed minority. For her, being half black and half white has been a journey of self-awareness, acceptance, and the struggles of finding an identity when feeling quite literally divided.