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Having no formal education and painting since 2003, Amia felt a strong pull and passion toward modern/ abstract expressionism. Her work flows from mood, shape, and color, forming an outward expression of what’s within. She creates multifarious works using acrylic, impasto, collage, Krylon, latex paint, and some pencil. These include a few functional pieces (lamps, drums, skateboards). Some conclusions are spontaneous, some come out of an evolving of time, while others entirely preconceived.


Amia is inspired by things she grew up watching, doing, and experiencing (Alfred Hitchcock films, music, 80’s New Wave/Punk, Vogue Magazine, The Twilight Zone, people, places, vintage black and white photos, film photography, classic Hollywood cinema, B&W silent, experimental, and French New Wave film). Her main influences have primarily been from the works of Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Van Gogh, Vivian Maier, and modern day Jose’ Parla’.