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The images shown are from his current exhibit which consists of 16 color photographs printed on 20×30 inch canvas. The images were taken at various Inland Northwest Pow Wows over the last 4 years. The idea was to display the imagery that celebrates diversity and highlights the colorful and intricately detailed, handmade regalia worn by Native American dancers at Native celebrations throughout the Inland Northwest.


Much of the regalia consists of a multitude of materials including beadwork, porcupine quillwork, buckskin, eagle feathers, ribbons, seashells and bells. Some of the regalia, such as staffs, rattles, bows, arrows, axes, baskets, pipe bags, fans and moccasins utilize authentic traditional techniques that require various external and internal parts of animals like beavers, buffalo, muskrats, mink, deer, elk, hawks, pheasants, turkeys, osprey, turtles and many others indigenous to the area.

Although, some of the regalia is just for show. Much of it is functional either for traditional everyday life, celebrations or ceremonies.


The exhibit is also available to be shown at other educational institutions in hopes that it will inspire youth, both Native and non-Native, to continue their education and pursue their passions.