Over a period of fifty plus years, Bergman has dabbled in art using pencil, pastels and ink. He was unable to seriously develop what has clearly become a passion until after his retirement in 2012. Talent that had lain dormant, surfaced, and since then he’s dedicated his time to his love of pen and ink drawing. Themes vary and germinate from anything that piques his interest and captures his imagination at the time. Larry’s complex pen and ink drawings incorporate geometric lines, random graphics and images drawn with minute pen strokes.

Larry’s background has included serving in the U.S. Navy, being a disc jockey, owning his own radio production company and insurance sales and training, all of which, in some form, utilized his creativity. He has thoroughly enjoyed bicycle touring and backpacking with his wife Barb and friends. And, though he no longer backpacks, he loves hiking in the great outdoors as well as scrapbooking.