Sheila Johnston is a self -taught artist residing in Spokane, Washington. She uses watercolors to capture the quiet moments and expressions of people and animals alike. When she doesn’t have a paintbrush in hand, you can usually find her hanging out with her family and, since she’s also somewhat of a foodie, eating.

“I believe in connections. This cornerstone belief not only drives my art, but it’s also my intention that it flows through it. There’s something that happens to a viewer when they connect with a piece of art, a trigger of emotion or a flash of memory which influences how they move through the rest of their day. It’s my intent in each piece I create to resonate with someone, who in that moment needed to recall the memory or emotion, and ultimately leaves them just a little bit better for it.”

You can find Sheila’s work at Pottery Place Plus in downtown Spokane, Tsuga in the Perry District, Gallery at the Park in Richland and various exhibitions.