Vicki A. West is a water media artist, designer, teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, cheerleader, and spiritual human. Her life long passion for art and creativity in general has only been eclipsed by her inquiring mind and love of science and medicine.

“I see things differently. I have a tendency to want what’s not on the menu. It’s just something that has to come out, expressed in a visual, emotional, yet tactile way.”

“I grew up in Spokane and my very first formal training was with a sweet oil painter by the name of Frances Bond who had a studio on north Monroe. I took every art class available in Jr. High and High School then went off to college to pursue a completely different field but continued to (oil) paint. Next came 3 years of figure drawing at SFCC, marriage and three children, 14 years of full time work in the medical field then grandchildren! That’s when my love and fascination with watercolor began to emerge. I was consumed with continual class study at the Spokane Art School for many years along with many master classes and workshops around the area and because we (artists) all want to continue to learn and improve our craft, the learning experience will always be an important part of my life and work.”

Vicki will be showing next at the William Grant Gallery.