Celebrate Hispanic and Latinx culture with Spokane Public Library! View our selection of pre-recorded video programming below to learn more about Latinx cultures:

How to Cook: Tortillas! featuring Jocelyn Nunez.

Preparing Sopa (Soup) with Vanessa! featuring Vanessa Delgado

How to Make a Spanish Omelette featuring Dr. Andres Aragoneses

Latinas in Mariachi | ¡Yo También soy Mariachi! featuring Marcella Godina

What is a Mexican Quinceañera Celebration? 

  • Quinceañera is long for Quince and Quince means fifteen, which is why young women have the quinceañera when they turn fifteen years old.

Agricultural Labor in the Columbia Basin featuring Alexis Guizar-Diaz

Eastern Washington University Mariachi Las Aguilas*

Making To’äm (Guatemalan Maya Dish) featuring Ingrid Sub Cuc and Maria Cuc


Check out book lists and other resources to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month:

Hispanic Heritage Month Book List

Hispanic Heritage Month | Book List for Kids


* EWU’s Mariachi Las Aguilas does not charge a fee for guests to attend their performances. However, they do request a donation to the EWU Foundation. The credits to the songs they cover are listed below in order of appearance:

  1. Yo no fui (composer Consuelo Velazquez, artist Pedro Fernandez)
  2. La Feria de Las Flores (composer Jesús Monge Ramírez, arranger John A. Vela)
  3. Rosa Maria (composer Lalo Montane, arranger Jeff Nevin)
  4. El Rey (composer José Alfredo Jiménez, arranger Jeff Nevin)
  5. Amor Eterno (composer & lyricist: Juan Gabriel, arranger Jaime M. Vela)
  6. Mujeres Divinas (composer Martín Urieta, arranger Rene Benavidez)
  7. La Mucura (composer Crescencio Salcedo, transcriber Jose. M Santiago)
  8. Si Nos Dejan (composer & arranger José Alfredo Jiménez)
  9. El Zopilote Mojado (composer & arranger Miguel F. Marcias)
  10. Por Mujeres Como Tu (composer & arranger Fato, artist Pepe Aguilar)
  11. Caminos de Michoacan (composer Bulmaro Bermúdez, adaptors M. Molina & A Romo)
  12. El Cofrecito (composer & arranger Juan Zaizar)
  13. Aires del Mayab (composers Pepe Domininguez & Carlos Duarte, arranger Jeff Nevin)
  14. Arboles de la Baranca (composer Apolinar Garcia Chavez, artist Juan Valentin)
  15. Volver, Volver (composer Fernando Z. Maldonado, Transcriber Y. Sital from Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano)
  16. Rosa Maria (composer Lalo Montane, arranger Jeff Nevin)