brownes_labelQuick! Get outside and go for a walk before the cold sticks around. The Library has created several walking tours to inspire you and due to spooktacular demand, we created a second haunted walking tour, this time in Browne’s Addition. This tour features some of our city’s oldest homes (and the ghosts that inhabit them). From lost cemeteries to feuding sisters, there are some great stories in Browne’s Addition!

You can do the tour from the custom Google Map we created or download a pdf version. You can even request a copy of the tour with your curbside pickups at the libraries!

The legends are based on local stories, historic newspaper articles, and stories from Chet Caskey’s books (which you can find at the library or Auntie’s bookstore). Remember to please stay on the sidewalks and observe all laws and regulations while touring.

If this tour whets your appetite for more, check out the Downtown Spooky Walking Tour and the Geological Walking Tour of Downtown. If you need more safe (and fun) Halloween suggestions, we’ve captured them all into one post here.

-created by Vanessa Strange and Eva Silverstone, 2020.

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