The Northwest Room displays permanent art from the collection, including Catholic Ladders, “Bird’s Eye” or panoramic maps of Spokane, and original artwork. The room also includes five display cases, which feature temporary exhibits, which rotate several times a year.


Current Exhibit

Adventures and Opportunities in the Great West

November 2017–January 2018
In the Nineteenth century, the West was a land of the great unknown. The reading public devoured tales of adventures in the West. In the earliest accounts, authors described their journeys with sagas of the exotic people, animals, and places that they encountered. As the century progressed, the books became persuasive marketing materials, often created by railroads, promoting travel and settlement in the West.

Past Exhibits

August–October 2017: Greetings from the Northwest
May–July 2017: The Publishing Journey of Lewis and Clark’s Journals
January–May 2017: The Search for the Northwest Passage