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Waste to Energy and Mason Bees

Here in Spokane, we have been using our garbage to create energy since 1991! The Spokane Waste to Energy facility burns 800 tons of garbage

Engineers Week Book List

Engineers Week takes place February 20 – 26 and is a great opportunity to interest young people in engineering and technology careers. These pictures books

Serenity Rooms at the Library

All of the Library’s new and renovated spaces have a variety of helpful and needed amenities for patrons to utilize and enjoy. This includes the

2021 Annual Report

How many books checked out in 2021? What new resources were added to the library’s collection? What were the most circulated titles of the year?

Black History Month 2022

The month of February marks the national recognition of Black History Month. Spokane Public Library has a variety of book lists, events, and films to