Cranberry Science for Kids

Hey, kids (grades K-5)! You are invited to join us for our next STEM Program to learn about the history, uses, and science of cranberries.

Sign up for our After-School Program on Tuesday, November 9th at 4pm or our Homeschool Program on Friday, November 12 at 10:30am. Registration is required for these private Zoom events.   

We will dissect a cranberry and test how well cranberries bounce (and yes, there’s a good reason to test them!).

If you’d like to do the experiments at home with us, gather these items. Caregivers should plan to be present to help with the experiments.

  • A printout of the activity guide (link here), or a piece of paper
  • At least 10 fresh cranberries for each learner (sold in one pound bags in the produce department of grocery stores in the fall. Frozen cranberries are not recommended. Use the rest of the cranberries to make a recipe!)
  • A plastic knife (or kitchen knife – to be used by an adult)
  • A pencil or pen, and coloring supplies
  • A meter stick or yardstick (optional)

With your library card, try our free video streaming platform Kanopy and their children’s selection on Kanopy Kids! With Kanopy Kids, you get unlimited views from a curated collection of educational and engaging videos. The series, Curiosity Quest is a fun educational program on Kanopy Kids that has an episode all about Cranberries. Check it out!

~ Cathy Bakken, STEM Librarian