Annual reports & Strategic PLAN


Spokane Public Library is a community of learning. We aim to inspire a thriving city through cultural and educational opportunities. The Library Board of Trustees approved the current mission, vision, values, and strategic directions at the September 2018 meeting.


  • Education | We connect our community with education, information and programming.
  • Collaboration | We work together to create the best outcomes.
  • Diversity | We include and celebrate Spokane’s diverse communities.
  • Innovation | We take risks and drive change.
  • Customer Experience | We impress our customers with individualized service.
  • Accountability | We use public funds responsibly.


Educate Our Citizens

  • Inspire a community of learners.
  • Build cooperative networks for sharing knowledge and opportunity.
  • Be the resource for free learning opportunities for all citizens.

Become the Platform

  • Provide opportunities for personal enrichment.
  • Create spaces for citizens to interact and collaborate.
  • Showcase Spokane.

Be the Community’s Partner

  • Cultivate a strong sense of community.
  • Create synergy with mission-aligned organizations.
  • Provide community groups and businesses with cutting edge resources to meet their goals.