The Library commissioned three sculptures and purchased portable artwork for new libraries in accordance with the City of Spokane’s public art policy, requiring one percent of the construction budget be dedicated to public art. In commissioning artwork, Spokane Public Library aims to create a friendly, engaging atmosphere for visitors.


The sculpture entitled “Hoop” is a colorful, large-scale embroidery hoop with a stitch pattern on the surface that pays homage to the Spokane river. Washington State fiber artist, Shawn Parks drew on his own experiences with libraries to create a playful piece of art inspired by the library’s mission. “Growing up as a queer nonbinary kid, libraries were a safe place for me. I want to add joy and thread humor (pun intended) with serious ideas. My hope is that ‘Hoop’ makes people smile,” said artist, Shawn Parks.

Artist: Shawn Parks
Permanently installed at Liberty Park Library


Artist John Rogers, of Portland, OR, is creating a stunning piece for the Central Library, called “Shimmer”. The sculpture is “S” shaped, which creates a moire effect when viewed from certain angles. The wave configuration is inspired by the Falls and boulders in the surrounding area. The sculpture highlights that inspiration with over three hundred individual dichroic glass shapes forming a wave that shimmers like water cascading in sunlight. This piece will be installed in early 2022.

Artist: John Rogers
Permanently installed at Central Library


Artist Jasmine Iona Brown of Tacoma, WA is creating a multifaceted sculpture of diverse people sitting in the grass reading. These figures will be located in the grass outside the Shadle Park Library. Installation of this piece will be completed in spring 2022.

Artist: Jasmine Iona Brown
Permanently installed at Shadle Park Library


The Library purchased art from nineteen local artists. More than 30 percent of the pieces are by artists of color or Indigenous artists. You may see these pieces on display throughout the Library system. 

Cage Free, Amalia Fisch, Central Mixed media on watercolor paper          

RavenSpeak, Amalia Fisch, Central Mixed media on watercolor paper    

Horizon, Amalia Fisch, Central Mixed media on watercolor paper    

Untitled (flowers) , June T. Sanders, Central Unique Cyanotype Print on Archival Paper   

Deforestation Sam Marroquin, Central Mixed media on canvas         

A Better Future, Sam Marroquin, Central Mixed media on canvas         

Picnic, Lynn, Hanley, Central Mixed media on Rives

Ascendant, Roin Morigeau, Central Mixed media on watercolor paper    

Eddy, Chris Tyllia, Shadle Park Ballpoint pen on paper       

Frogs, Mariah Boyle, Shadle Park China marker and pencil           

Rabbit, Mariah Boyle, Shadle Park China marker and pencil         

Autumn Purples, Gay Waldman, Shadle Park Photo on paper      

Skies Are Not Cloudy Katie Creyts, Shadle Park Watercolor and Photocopy on Watercolor Paper         

Are We There Yet, Melissa Cole, Shadle Park Acrylic on canvas    

Ode to Rothko, Pam Hansen, Shadle Park Narrow strips of pink, wine, and blue fabric on a dark base  

I watched in glee as your kings and queens fought ten decades for the Gods they made, Garric Simonsen, Shadle Park Dry etch on reclaimed bowling alley  

Spuplinas, Ric Gendron, Shadle Park Acrylic on canvas     

Home, Ric Gendron, Liberty Park Acrylic on canvas

Living Canopy, Neicy Frey, Liberty Park Acrylic on canvas 

The Caretakers, Shelia Evans, Liberty Park Enamel on copper      

Made in Hungary, Ildiko Kalapacs, Liberty Park Mixed Media on canvas  

To Shalimar, Tracy Poindexter Canton, Liberty Park Collage         

Carrying, Tracy Poindexter Canton, Liberty Park Collage   

Encuentro, Reinaldo Gil Zabrano, Hillyard Wood block print        

La Sopa: Como Decia Mama, Reinaldo Gil Zabrano, Hillyard Wood block print

Candy Moon, Lynn Hanley, Hillyard  Oil on canvas

Urban Landmark: Ice Machine, Helen Parsons, The Hive Fabric / sewing

Sunny Side Up , Neicy Frey, The Hive  Oil on Canvas            

Palisade Deer, Katie Creyts, The Hive Charcoal and pastel on paper         

Untitled (chain), June Sanders, Location TBD Unique Cyanotype Print on Archival Paper 

Temporary Fence: Woodland Caribou, Katie Creyts , Location TBD Fused Glass                          


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