Summer Reading Club 2024

Adventure awaits at Spokane Public Library! Summer Reading Club is back and better than ever with an opportunity to earn prizes every month between June 1 and August 31. We have prizes from a variety of local partners for all ages, including adults! Plus, we have a whole calendar of fun events including seeing the Mobius planetarium, getting close to reptiles, concerts, coding and music camps, and so much more.

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So, how does the Summer Reading Club challenge work?

Your mission

Register for the challenge in Beanstack and read 15 days in June, July, and August for the chance to earn up to three prizes this summer. Once you hit 15 days of reading each month, you will earn a badge in Beanstack. When you earn that badge, stop by any Spokane Public Library location to redeem the badge for a prize. We also have badges in Beanstack for attending Summer Reading Club events (kids and teens) and doing activities at home to keep the fun going.

To further increase your fun and adventure, we have two magazines available at any library complete with free activities that are age appropriate for kids and teens. The Spokane Somersault magazine for kids and the Summer Boredom Buster for teens.

How long do I need to read for?

Read for any amount of time as long as you read a little bit for at least 15 days each month. Any format of reading counts: eBook, audiobook, graphic novels, comics, manga, and more! As long as you read, that counts!

What are the prizes?

We are so grateful for the generosity of our partners who have donated a variety of the prizes listed below! Prizes are available while supplies last. There is also an additional opportunity to win a prize for kids (grades K-5) who participate in the challenge all three months. Kids who complete each month’s challenge of reading 15 days will be entered into a drawing to win day passes to Blue Zoo.

Ages 0-4

June: One free book from the Friends of the Spokane Public Library

July: One free beach ball

August: Your choice of one free bib OR free bubbles

Kids (Grades K-5) & Teens (Grades 6-12)

June: One free book from the Friends of the Spokane Public Library

July: Your choice of free skate rentals to the Numerica Skate Ribbon OR one free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s (kids) or one free boba tea from Revival Tea Company (teens)

August: Free admission to the Spokane County Interstate Fair

FOR KIDS ONLY: When kids read 15 days each month between June and August, they will be entered into a drawing to win day passes to Blue Zoo.

Adults (Ages 18+)

June: One free coffee from Derailer Coffee OR one free donut from Rosauer’s Supermarkets

July: One free yoga class from Beyoutiful Hot Yoga OR one free movie pass to the Garland Theater

August: One entry into the following sweepstakes drawing of your choice:

  • One day pass with gear to Wild Walls
  • One certificate for two to a vertical ropes course at Wild Walls
  • One ticket to an improv show at Blue Door Theatre
  • One set of two tickets to a Spokane Symphony Masterworks concert
  • One gift certificate for Turkey Tail Tattoo
  • One group entry certificate for four to Spokane Comedy Club

Summer Reading Events

Storytime at Comstock Park (Ages 2-5)
601 W 29th Ave, Near Fire Pit
Tuesdays, June 11-August 13 @ 10am

Storytime at Hays Park (Ages 2-5)
1812 E Providence Ave, Near Playground
Thursdays, June 13-August 15 @ 10am

Rovers: Mars’ First Explorers (Ages 5-11)
June 17 @ 1pm | South Hill, Events
June 20 @ 1pm | Liberty Park, Events
July 18 @ 1pm | Indian Trail, Events
July 29 @ 1pm | Hillyard, Events
August 7 @ 1pm| Shadle Park, Events

Sunshine and Murals: Summer Window Mural (Kids & Teens)
June 17 @ 2pm | Hillyard, Events
June 18 @ 2pm | Shadle Park, Events
July 11 @ 2pm | Liberty Park, Events

Planting Palooza (Ages 6-14)
June 20 @ 1pm | Indian Trail, Events
June 27 @ 1pm | Liberty Park, Events
July 9 @ 1pm | Hillyard, Events
July 12 @ 1pm | South Hill, Events
July 30 @ 1pm | Shadle Park, Events

KPBX Kids’ Concert with the Canote Brothers
June 22 @ 1pm | Central, nxʷyxʷyetkʷHall

Preschool Fandom Storytime: Paw Patrol (Ages 2-5)
June 24 @ 10am | South Hill, Events
June 28 @ 10:30am | Shadle Park, Events

Explore Space with Nebula Spin Art 
(Ages 5-11)
June 24 @ 1pm | Shadle Park, Events
July 22 @ 1pm | South Hill, Events
August 1 @ 1pm | Indian Trail, Events

Touch-a-Truck (Families of All Ages)
June 25 @ 9:30am | Hillyard, Parking Lot
August 6 @ 9:30am | Liberty Park, Parking Lot

Summer Cartographers (Kids & Teens)
June 25 @ 2pm | South Hill, Events
July 23 @ 2pm | Shadle Park, Events

Tiny Hands (Ages 2-5)
June 26 @ 2pm | Indian Trail, Events
July 30 @ 2pm | South Hill, Events
August 14 @ 2pm | Liberty Park, Events

LEGO® Build With Experts (Ages 5+)
June 29 @ 1pm | Shadle Park, Events

Fishing for Ice | Presented by Science Speaks Spokane (Ages 6+)
July 6 @ 11am | Hillyard, Studio
July 8 @ 5:30pm | Shadle Park, Events (Registration Required)

Rockin’ Reptiles (Ages 5-12)
Registration Required
July 8 @ 10am | Liberty Park, Events
July 11 @ 3pm | Central, nxʷyxʷyetkʷHall
July 16 @ 2pm | The Hive®, Events A & B
July 24 @ 2pm | Shadle Park, Events
July 25 @ 11am | Indian Trail, Events
August 2 @ 10am | South Hill, Events
August 6 @ 4pm | Hillyard, Events

Planetarium Show & Space Olympics (4-11)
July 10 @ 10am | Shadle Park, Events

Color Chromatography | Presented by Science Speaks Spokane (Ages 6+)
July 13 @ 11am | Hillyard, Events
July 15 @ 5:30pm | Shadle Park, Events (Registration Required)

Space Olympics (Ages 4-11)
July 15 @ 1pm | Liberty Park, Events
August 15 @ 1pm | Hillyard, Events

Preschool Fandom Storytime: Bluey (Ages 2-5)
July 16 @ 2pm | Central, nxʷyxʷyetkʷ Hall
July 19 @ 10:30am | Liberty Park, Events

Presenting pH | Presented by Science Speaks Spokane (Ages 6+)
July 20 @ 11am | Hillyard, Studio
July 22 @ 5:30pm | Shadle Park, Events (Registration Required)

Creative Chronicles: Summer Art Journaling (Kids & Teens)
July 24 @ 2pm | Hillyard, Events
August 12 @ 2pm | Indian Trail, Events

Roots Music & Puppetry with Red Yarn
July 26 @ 2pm | Shadle Park, Events
July 26 @ 6pm | The Hive®, Events A, B, & C
July 27 @ 10:30am | Liberty Park, Patio
July 27 @ 1pm | Central, nxʷyxʷyetkʷ Hall

Nature Detectives (Ages 6-12)
July 26 @ 1pm | Indian Trail, Events
July 31 @ 1pm | Liberty Park, Events
August 5 @ 1pm | South Hill, Events
August 8 @ 1pm | Hillyard, Events
August 13 @ 1pm | Shadle Park, Events

Discovering DNA | Presented by Science Speaks Spokane (Ages 6+)
July 27 @ 11am | Hillyard, Events
July 29 @ 5:30pm | Shadle Park, Events
(Registration Required)

Preschool Fandom Storytime: Daniel Tiger (Ages 2-5)
August 7 @ 10am | Hillyard, Events
August 9 @ 10:30am | Indian Trail, Events

Lilac City Youth Camp
August 19-23, 1-3pm | Central, Video Studio
(Registration Required)