Announcing Our 2022 Artists-In-Residence!

After launching our Artists-In-Residence program in 2021 and welcoming six incredible artists to The Hive™, we are thrilled to share the next Artists-In-Residence joining us throughout 2022!

“We look forward to how these next Artists-In-Residence will utilize their time, talent, and resources to further expand their work and connect with the community,” said Eva Silverstone, Spokane Public Library Arts Education Specialist.

The following artists will rotate through our four studios for one to six month residencies throughout the year.

Artists starting in March:

  • Eric-Alain Parker is a visual design artist mapping structural and volcanic features in the landscape.
  • Heather Metrokin Cannon’s primary medium is natural material and plans to experiment with different methods of fish skin tanning/dyeing and to share Sugpiat culture through her art.
  • Shawn Parks is a public artist driven by fabric, textiles, and color. Parks’s piece “Hoop”, a large-scale embroidery hoop, is displayed outside Liberty Park Library.

Artists starting in April:

  • Tamalin Baumgarten works with oils and finds art as an avenue to nurture confident self-expression.
  • Carl Richardson and Mardis Nenno will share a studio. They plan to collaborate to create works with clay, drawing, and printmaking culminating in an art exhibition.

Artists starting in May:

  • Jesse Peck and Lesley Crane will share a studio. Peck’s practice includes drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and illustration. Crane’s drawing practice uses aspects of performance to create process drawings that link internal ontologies with external aesthetics.

Artists starting in June:

  • Grace Flott is a realist painter who fuses light-filled representational design with contemporary subjects. Flott’s most recent project honors burn survivors; it will celebrate and document folks with visible scarring through realistic portrait paintings and audio/video interviews.

Artists starting in July:

  • Gwyn Pevonka’s work is process-based – laying anywhere from 20 – 50 layers of paint on a canvas, then carving into the layered surface revealing the colors underneath.
  • Jenny Davis is a writer working on a collection of linked essays exploring the nature of ambiguity through a Spokane-ish lens.

Artists starting in September:

  • Heather Metrokin Cannon will return to finish her residency (see above for bio).

Artists starting in October:

  • Megan Perkins creates realistic paintings of local scenes, landmarks, and events with an impressionistic and expressive bent.
  • Judy Olsen is a crafter and hand-weaver. Olsen is excited to set up and use more than one weaving loom at a time thereby completing multi-phased projects more quickly.
  • Julie Smetana currently pursues part-time freelance design work and explores new ideas through clay sculpture.
  • Lisa Soranaka and Mallory Battista will share a studio. They are collaborating to create a large mixed media sculpture as a portfolio piece and to gain experience to help them pursue public sculpture opportunities in the future.

Artists starting in December:

  • Becky Busi plans to work primarily with plaster. Busi will draw life-size portraits on plaster and ‘break” the drawings on plaster before reassembling and realigning them as they shift between fragment and whole.