Space Science for Kids: Water on Mars?

Join us to learn about Mars and the search for water there! Sign up for Space Science for Kids: Water on Mars? on Tuesday, March 1 at 4pm. Registration is required for this private Zoom event.

Have you ever wondered where all the water on Earth came from? Did you know that there were once oceans and lakes of water on Mars as well? Where did they go? We’ll cover the current state of our understanding about water on Mars in this event.

Why are we looking for water on Mars and in other places? Well, it’s a necessity for just about any kind of life. We’ll explore the properties of water and how it supports life, and our curiosity about whether life exists on other planets.

Learn more about Mars and water using these resources, available with your library card:

Book: Mars!: Earthlings Welcome by Stacy McAnulty, 2021. This nonfiction picture book is a great place to start for young fans.

Book: Explore Mars by Jackie Golusky, 2021. Readers get a close-up look at the coolest facts and science about Mars.

Book: Water Science Tricks with Professor Solomon Snickerdoodle by Peter Murray, 1998. Professor Snickerdoodle explains how to perform science tricks with water, including making a clay bowl float and using a drop of water as a magnifying glass.

Book: The Alien Hunter’s Handbook by Mark Brake, 2012. A guide to the science behind the search for extraterrestrials, including the conditions necessary for life, and where such conditions could exist.

hoopla eBook: Junior Scientists: Experiment with Water by Charnan Simon and Ariel Kazunas, 2010. Presents experiments demonstrating the basic scientific principles of water. A nice follow-up to this event.