Waste to Energy and Mason Bees

Here in Spokane, we have been using our garbage to create energy since 1991! The Spokane Waste to Energy facility burns 800 tons of garbage every day and uses the steam to drive two turbines that create energy in a similar way to how dams and windmills work! Not only does this help reduce garbage in landfills, but it’s helped protect our aquifer from pollution.

The Spokane Solid Waste Department and local author Corinna Ren created a book called Exploring Spokane: Turning Waste to Energy. The book explores how the only Waste to Energy facility in Washington state works and the importance of making less garbage to begin with. Request a copy here. You’ll also find videos about this amazing energy plant!

Kids can attend our Waste to Energy: An After-School STEM Event on March 8 at 4pm. Click this link to register.

Create a Mason Bee House

This activity not only uses recyclable materials, but helps a local pollinator you may not have heard of: the Mason Bee. Mason bees are solitary bees, not prone to stinging, that nest in holes. Mason bees are able to pollinate more plants than honey bees! You can complete this experiment at home using the instructions here!