10 Tips for Leading a Book Club Discussion

It can be hard to know where to start when leading your first book club. We created a list of our top 10 tips so that your book club can be the best it can be for everyone!

  1. Remind your group members about upcoming meetings a few days in advance to keep the meeting fresh in their minds.

  2. Remind the group when it’s time for the discussion to start.

  3. If there are new members, make sure to introduce them.

  4. If there is any business to discuss like picking books for future meetings, you may want to cover these before the discussion starts.

  5. If there’s a need, refresh everyone’s memories on group etiquette. If you or other members feel there’s been a problem in earlier meetings (i.e. one person dominating the conversation or straying from the topic too frequently), this is the appropriate time to remind everyone.

  6. Consider asking members to briefly give their opinion on the book. This makes sure everyon’es voice is heard early on. It will also give you a feel for how the conversation will go and what areas are most interesting for everyone.

  7. Create a solid five questions or discussion topics you hope to cover during the meeting. You may not get to all of them but it will help to keep the conversation flowing. Most books that are suitable for book clubs have discussion guides that you can download as well.

  8. Consider doing some research ahead of the meeting. For example, maybe look around for an interview with the author or do some research on the the time, place or any other interesting facts about the book so you can provide background to the discussion.

  9. Try to avoid being too rigid about keeping people on topic. Discussions don’t have to stay rigidly about the book to be relevant. Many of the best discussions are triggered by the book and then the members discuss the topic from the perspective of their own experience.

  10. Ask for feedback! By giving others a voice in how the book club is run, it can give them a sense of pride and ownership.

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