All About Liberty Park’s Sustainable Landscape

If you’ve been by Liberty Park Library lately, you may have noticed a non-traditional landscape—what we’re affectionately calling “the meadow”—growing outside.

This intentional landscape design choice includes a variety of plants that will grow into a lush, meadow-like landscape in two years. These plants are pollinator-friendly, need less water, and require less maintenance with gasoline-powered lawn equipment making it good for both the environment and tax-payer dollars.

The seed mix you see growing outside Liberty Park includes Scottish Links fescue grass blend and Common Yarrow, as well as several flowering species such as lupine, phlox, spring beauty, parsley, and purple vetch, redstem stork’s bill. Note, the redstem stork’s bill looks a bit like Herb-Robert, a noxious weed—but don’t worry, no Stinky Bob here!

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