Hot Topics & Current Affairs @ The Library

Staying updated on current events can be difficult with increasing polarization, misinformation, and the sheer amount of media that bombards us wherever we go.

As part of Spokane Public Library’s mission and vision, we aim to inspire a thriving city through cultural and educational opportunities. That’s why we recently hired Current Affairs Specialist, Shane Gronholz, to connect our community with a diverse range of viewpoints and perspectives through lectures, panel discussions, debates, workshops, and more.

Hear from Shane about what opportunities and environment he hopes to build:

“We all want to gain a greater and deeper understanding of our city, state, country and beyond. However, our increasingly complex world and media sphere presents many challenges to doing this. This can be a confusing, upsetting, and even scary place to be. My aim is to create thoughtful, fair-minded spaces and help guide the Spokane community to diverse and trustworthy sources of information and argumentation.”

Want to learn skills for talking to people across the political divide? Interested in the ways local groups are attempting to address homelessness? Visit the events tab on our website to see what opportunities Shane has planned to learn more about these issues and more.

By attending and engaging in these events, you’ll come to a greater understanding of our world and gain a deeper appreciation for the views and perspectives of your fellow citizens, experts, and local leaders.

If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see covered at the library or have questions/feedback on programming events, feel free to email Shane directly.