Resources for Creative Writers | NaNoWriMo Tips

Need some help with your writing project or career? Here are various organizations and contacts to assist you in your writing goals. Please note that Spokane Public Library is happy to provide these resources but is not responsible for the content or quality of any of these organizations or contacts mentioned. 

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – a great opportunity to flex your writing muscles! Check out these events to keep writing:

Silent Writing Party – In Celebration of NaNoWriMo

November 15 @ 7pm | Shadle Park Library

November 19 @ 10:30am | Liberty Park Library

Monster Stories Workshop – A Writing Workshop for Kids

November 22 @ 4pm | Liberty Park Library

General Writing Support 

Self-Publishing Resources

You can check with Auntie’s Bookstore to see if they can carry your book on consignment (bring a book, drop in, and ask). Local indie bookstores are amazing at supporting local writers. Always remain polite and understanding if they can’t carry your book for whatever reason. 

Apply online to have your books carried in From Here Spokane  

Venues that publish short stories, poems, and essays by writers at all stages of their careers 

A huge list of various publishers for short works here (all genres)

Here’s a whole host of places to submit very short stories too, gathered together in one article.

Some of the writing resources above (ie New Pages and Poets & Writers and more) are searchable databases that can connect you to venues that publish a wide variety of creative writing. 

Take an online or in-person writing class or workshop or find/apply for grants and other opportunities: 

Here in Spokane:  

Networking galore! Attend a Local Writing Conference, Retreat, and Festival 

Editors You Can Hire

Find an Agent