What to Expect with Special Events at the Library

We look forward to helping you host your special event at Spokane Public Library. Rental fees range from $200–$3,000 depending on space used and event purpose. This may include events like award ceremonies, corporate retreats, annual fundraisers, and even weddings.

What types of rooms can I book for large-scale, special events?

You can reserve anything from a classroom for a ticketed lecture you want to host to a hall worthy of a 300-guest gala.

What makes an event “special”?

When we say “Special Events”, we mean events where attendees pay for a ticket and/or are private, invitation-only, after-hours events. This may include events like award ceremonies, corporate retreats, annual fundraisers, and even weddings. These types of events will require a rental fee of the space so we can help accommodate your gathering. For more information about paid room rentals for special events, please refer to our fee schedule here.

There are many cases where your gathering may not be considered a “special event”. If your event is during library hours, is free to attend for your guests, and does not require special catering or third-party assistance, then you do not need to pay the rental fee and can book the room yourself. This includes baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, free lectures or classes, board meetings, and more.

What do the event types mean?

When you go to book a room, you will see a drop down menu with the various types of rooms we have at our libraries. If you are planning on hosting a special event of any kind, please click the Special Events booking type so we can process your rental payment.

What are our meeting room expectations?

For regularly booked meetings or events in our spaces during operating hours, please refer to our Meeting Room Policy. When booked free of charge (meetings that do not classify as special events), these spaces are unsupported by library staff, but come equipped with the tools you need to arrange the room as you see fit.

Depending on the requirements of the event, there may be additional coordination and assistance available. This can include things like: greeting rental companies or caterers, coordinating load-in and set up, or assisting in planning out the schedule of events for the evening. All clients, once booked, will sign a space utilization agreement and an invoice for payment will be sent upon booking. Additional staffing and security fees may apply.

What if I work at a non-profit?

If you work with a nonprofit, contact Kira Barker for special nonprofit pricing.

Okay, I’m sold and want to host my special event at the Library, how do I get started?

Submit this form if you want to host a private, ticketed, or after hours event at a Spokane Public Library location and we’ll get back to you to discuss.