From One Book Lover to Another | Customer Story

The Friends of the Spokane Public Library is an awesome resource for people to buy gently used materials like books, movies, and more. The collection of books for sale is donation based. You, too, can donate your items to the Friends of the Library so others can enjoy books you may not reread or use again! Bring your gently used books or movies to any Library location to donate to the Friends. They then sell those items and the proceeds go back to the library to support future programming, services, and materials.

Hear from one patron on how their father, who recently passed, wanted to donate his entire collection of books so other book lovers can experience the thrill of finding their next favorite read.

After two full days of clearing the shelves, seven rolls of packing tape, 63 moving boxes, and the strong backs of strangers, over 3,000 paperback books were delivered to the loading dock of Central Library on a snowy December day in 2022. Customers shopping at Friends of the Spokane Public Library will now be able to purchase from this collection of mysteries, thrillers, procedurals, and even some vintage pulp fiction. The donation is the result of one man’s passion for reading. And, truth be told, the thrill of the hunt!

Dud Woodbury, a retired high school science teacher, recently passed away at age 89, and left his library of fiction to be distributed to others who might benefit. His first choice was a Veteran’s organization, but none of the facilities contacted had room for such a collection. His daughters believe their father would be pleased to see that the books will be resold to support access to resources and programs that expand horizons and fuel imaginations.

Written by the daughters of Dudley Woodbury