Meet our 2023 Artists-In-Residence at The Hive®!

After launching our Artists-In-Residence program in 2021 we have welcomed over 30 Artists-In-Residence to The Hive®.

“Residencies at The Hive® have enabled artists to expand their craft beyond what is available in their own spaces. We’ve had artists create entire art exhibits, large public sculptures, and create connections that have raised their visibility and launched future opportunities for them in Spokane’s art community,” said Spokane Public Library Arts Education Specialist, Eva Silverstone. “We know these next Artists-In-Residence will also bring their own unique time, talent, and resources to connect with our community.”

The following artists will rotate through our four studios for one-to-six-month residencies throughout the year.

  • Spectrum Center creates safe spaces for intersectional, intergenerational LGBTQIA2S+ community. They plan to use the Hive as a home base for all of their arts programming especially Adult Art Camp and IndigiQueer Arts.
  • Elyse Hochstadt is a conceptual, fiber-based artist with grassroots activism on plastic pollution and climate change. She plans to explore larger-scale works and programs surrounding climate change.
  • Amalia Fisch loves working with a variety of art mediums and plans to dive back into printmaking (monotypes, specifically) and exploring larger pieces featuring anywhere from drawings to paintings.
  • Lenora J Lopez Schindler is a visual artist and plans to complete a series of four large oil paintings she will show at a future exhibit at the Saranac Art Projects in November. Her subject matter will be the current interface of our growing population needs in the region and the stresses on local flora and fauna.
  • Hannah Charlton specializes in creating illuminated manuscripts and plans to continue her 49-piece series based on the 15th century, “The Book of the City of Ladies” by Chrstine de Pizan. Each piece features a woman from myth and history, like the weaver Arachne, the French painter Anastasia, or the famous queen Semiramis.
  • Inga Laurent and Kelsey Kamitomo will focus their residency on a project called Healing US: A Restorative Framework for America’s Racial Reckoning. Healing US is a book project that explores America’s collective trauma – borne from legacies of slavery and colonialism – and the community-driven movements that are leading the way individual, collective, and national healing, restoration, and reconciliation.
  • Erica Schisler‘s artwork explores western aesthetics, media, history, and personal experiences. During her residency, she plans to use clothing and fabric from secondhand waste and turn it into paper for printmaking and will then create silkscreen and linoleum block prints of transformation symbols.
  • Kellen Trenal utilizes traditional niimíipuu (Nez Perce) creative practices to create contemporary art. They plan to complete a collection of wearable art pieces that fuse cultural regalia with modern apparel.
  • EWU Emerging Artists Noelle Bowden and Luu Melon! Noelle is currently working on a series of abstract paintings and a collection of poems that interconnect one another. Luu is currently working on their first graphic novel titled Gray Area which is based in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.