Nonprofits, It’s Your Time to Shine!

Hello, Spokane! It’s your friendly business librarian again. The focus of this Business Time blog is support for our nonprofit institutions. Even if you’re not directly associated with a nonprofit, you likely know someone who is. Share this with them and be a hero!

Nonprofit professionals, brace yourselves! It’s time to kick outdated strategies to the curb and embrace the unstoppable duo of Foundation Directory Online (FDO) and GuideStar, both made freely available at the Central Library. These game-changing platforms are here to revolutionize the way nonprofits navigate the treacherous shoals of philanthropy. 

Foundation Directory Online: The Funding Treasure Map

Say goodbye to endless hours of searching for potential funders! FDO, created by Candid, is the ultimate database of foundation profiles and funding opportunities. It’s a treasure map that leads you straight to the pot of gold. With FDO, nonprofits gain access to a vast repository of grantmaker information, including past grants awarded and detailed program descriptions. It’s a one-stop-shop for finding funders that align with your mission and values.

FDO’s advanced search functionality is a total game-changer. You can filter by location, focus area, grant size, and application deadlines. No more wasting time on irrelevant prospects! FDO’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it a breeze to explore grants, research funders, and get those key contact details. In a word, it’s awesome.

Foundation Directory Online is only available on computers at Central Library.

GuideStar: Shining a Light on Nonprofit Transparency

Transparency is sexy, and GuideStar is here to make sure your nonprofit shines brighter than the rest. Developed by Candid, GuideStar provides in-depth profiles of nonprofit organizations, including financial data, impact metrics, and programmatic details. It’s the ultimate platform for showing off your organization’s awesomeness.

By keeping your GuideStar profile up-to-date, you can showcase your mission, programs, and outcomes like a boss. And the best part? Potential donors and funders can see it all. GuideStar’s robust database ensures transparency, empowering donors to make informed decisions about where to invest their hard-earned cash.

Guidestar is only available on computers at Central Library.

Unlocking Opportunities and Crushing It

FDO and GuideStar make an unstoppable power couple, opening doors for nonprofits like never before. GuideStar’s insights refine your strategies, while FDO helps you find funders that are a match made in funding heaven. It’s like a dating app for nonprofits and funders – swipe right for success!

But wait, there’s more! Candid’s additional resources take things to the next level. Learn from industry experts, sharpen your grant-writing skills, and discover fundraising strategies that pack a punch. With FDO and GuideStar in your corner, you’ll be slaying the philanthropic game.

But wait, there’s more! If you’d like help getting up to speed with these tools, Cammy Presho (of Greater Good Northwest fame) provides free nonprofit assistance at the Central Library.  From researching grant opportunities to understanding your demographic areas better, Cammy can link nonprofits to the appropriate tool to fit their needs. In addition, Cammy is thrilled to lay out a map pinpointing all the amazing work being done in our community. If you’d like to book time with Cammy, at the link below she has her availability listed out for the coming few weeks. Click the “Non-Profit Consultation with Cammy” box to see the times available. If there is a time listed there that works well for you just select your date/time, put in your details and she can take it from there.